About Audio Acoustic Arena

Audio Acoustic Arena which is one of the leading Audio, A/V integration and Acoustic Consultant in India and the only one consultant in Gujarat who is working with the world’s best software and hardware like EASE 4.3, JBL Smart and Eminence cabinet design etc and having 37years of experience in design, installation, manufacturing and consultancy of different venue. We have provided our consultancy services for both Government and private establishments.

Multipurpose Auditorium

Multipurpose Auditorium is an auditorium where more than one type of activity will be carried out (under one roof) in the same place. Generally if you have to make an auditorium design suitable for speech application (like lecture) and for music or drama (like annual day, musical event or any other loud function), it is a much specified job. You have to be very careful while designing it.


Cinema sound system design and acoustic is getting very much specialized as sound is becoming day by day more versatile. Each and every seat will get clear listening of all left, center and right with equal distribution of sound. Seating arrangement is so designed that everybody can easily view left to right and top to bottom hassle free.

Stadium And Art Center

Stadium and Art Center are two different subjects. Stadium is a very large venue where the sound is to reach an audience of over thousands and which must be having STI more than 6, so everybody can understand their player’s or party‘s point crystal clear.

Schools College Auditorium

These are also multipurpose auditoriums but you have to be very careful because of the performer and different requirement of school & colleges. You have to take care from the lowest sensitive speaker to loudest cheering performer. Multiple input & different type of output are mostly required. Live performance to the movie screening in 2.1 to 5.1 Dolby Sound Systems is the requirement of college auditoriums.

Classroom Accoutics

It is like a new chapter in today’s requirement. I had gone through some of the prestigious Universities & colleges & found that the classroom designs are very poor in respect to STI (Speech Transmission Index). Sometimes the last bench and sometimes the first bench students couldn’t get the lecture properly.


In Vedic Hinduism sound has received major emphasis through mantras, music and speech. To keep the worship places clean, generally Architects and Interior Designers use smooth and plain materials which are reflective in nature. It is observed that the carvings in both Garbha-Griha and Ardha-Mantapa significantly contribute to the acoustical enhancement and help as a diffuser, but at the same time, curvature and specially domes create a challenging job.