The sound system designing is required for providing the right kind of speakers based on the needs and the type of space which will significantly influence the amount of soundproofing and acoustical treatment needed to spend on. Accurate sound system designing and critical acoustical treatment can make any kind of place sound warm and intimate.

Nowadays, resorts & clubs require variety of facilities from DJ room to Yoga Room. So, in one venue, you have to take care of so many different applications like in a Yoga room, you require a peace and calm atmosphere with light background music & instructions while the gym area requires loud music with instructions.

In the same premises, you may have the restaurant beside the Yoga room. So, but naturally, you require good STC. There may be huge spaces of banquets above Dolby Digital Cinema Hall where the sound system requirements are controversial and a good STC has to be achieved. BGM with announcement and fire alarm system are the priority requirement of such a venue. So, if you design one good resort well with all the amenities, you must be aware of all the kind of sound system, video systems and acoustics.


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