Worship Places

Worship Places


In Vedic Hinduism sound has received major emphasis through mantras, music and speech. To keep the worship places clean, generally Architects and Interior Designers use smooth and plain materials which are reflective in nature. It is observed that the carvings in both Garbha-Griha and Ardha-Mantapa significantly contribute to the acoustical enhancement and help as a diffuser, but at the same time, curvature and specially domes create a challenging job.

In addition to Vedic chants, musical instruments such as conch-shells, bells, flute and electronic organs produce high frequencies while drum and tabla produce low frequencies. The problem in most auditoriums of worship places, lie in dealing with the very high frequencies and very low frequencies.

Placement of speakers are also very crucial, first in the point of overall asthetics and secondly, the cone coverage. Nowadays, so many companies have come out with the vertical, shearable line array that are helpful in good designing of worship place sound system, but at the same time they are costly & very few people can afford them.

We had successfully resolved the dome issue in so many worship places without spending much on acoustics.

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