Stadium-Art Center

Stadium & Art Centers

  • Stadium and Art Center are two different subjects. Stadium is a very large venue where the sound is to reach an audience of over thousands and which must be having STI more than 6, so everybody can understand their player’s or party‘s point crystal clear.

    Stadium may be closed or open. There may be silence or noise, but sound system must be designed very carefully starting from selection of microphone to speaker system to clearly calculate cone coverage of audience.

    Art Center is an auditorium which is very typical in all the aspects. The Artist should feel himself among the audience. The stage floor height is as low as possible and audience is surrounded to the performer. Acoustic & Sound System is to be done with utmost care, to create the live feeling both to the performer as well as the audience.

Jyoti C.N.C Staduim


Art Centre


Sports complex


Sports complex with Randesan school

Indoor Sports complex With multipurpose Hall (Sarva Vidyalaya )


Adani – Shantigram Belvedere Club Sports Hall.

Squash court at Adani Belvedere Club

Raj Path Club Sports Complex