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We provide mainly two types of Audio and Acoustic Consulting services.

  • Before venue constructions.
  • After venue construction.
  • Noise Cancelation

Before Construction of Venue

The fundamental idea behind our services is to work accurately. Far away from the traditional ways of acoustic consultancy, we work on db by db and inch by inch basis. No assumptions, no experiments, no trial and error method. With us, you will be able to visualize your sound like you visualize your building in the 3D drawing. We prepare Acoustical Work file as under.

Sample Model

Direct SPL

Bihar International Convention Center- District - Rajgir

Gujarat University Convention Hall- Direct Spl

Direct spl sound pressure level considered directly from speaker With out consideration of any acoustic treatment effect.

Total SPL


Total Spl

Total spl – sound pressure level after Consideration of acoustic treatment

The Graph Display Calculation of Energy Level Before and After 50ms.

Excellent speech intengibilty is achieved through out the auditorium as well as on stage.

Arrival Time

D/R Ratio

Arrival of direct sound in m.Sec. This fig is extermely use ful in multiple Sound system Design to determine amount of delay.

The ratio is extremely use ful to determine Balenceing of acoustic Materils v/s reflective materials . This gives decision to live to dead sound

Speaker Overlap

Load Study

Calculation let you how many % of audience will be able to listen Max. How many no of speaker. In multipurpose it should Notbe more than two in any case, Other wise you have to consider palacement of speaker and its angle.

Calculation gives detail idea of how much power Disipated at other than audience area.

Articulation Loss

S.T.I. Speech Transmission Index

As per short form formula
Articulation loss defines music intengibility in %.
0% to 3%..........Excellent.
7% to 11%............ Fair.
*3% to 7%..........Good.
11% to 15%............ Poor.
Above 15%..........Not acceptable.

As per sti standered with short form formula.
*0.75 -- to –1 ……………….. Excellent.
*0.6 -- to – 0.75 ……………...Good.
*0.45 – to – 0.6 ……………….Fair.
*0.3 -- to -- 0.45………………poor.
* 0.0 -- to – 0.3 ………………..Not acceptable.

After Construction of Venue

We have all the test and measuring tools to calibrate the present sound system and put it to the best of its performance when it comes after installation jobs. We can very well justify the problem with acoustic or sound system. We can hand over the perfect solution of your installed sound with all test and measuring meter in printed format. We have complete kit of microphone and mixer with JBL SMART software to make calibration. With the help of software we see the sound and take decision about solution of problem. We also provide Architectural and Interior design Services in normal. We always produce Auto cad 2d or 3d whichever is required to make the contractor or client understand in detail and to carry out the work at the site accordingly. Finally our solution is perfectly calculative based with latest software and hardware where you can be rest assured for the quality sound output before you start your work on site.

Noise Cancellation