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We provide mainly two types of Audio and Acoustic Consulting services.

  • Before venue constructions.
  • After venue construction.
  • Noise Cancelation

Before Construction

The fundamental idea behind our services is to work accurately. Far away from the traditional ways of acoustic consultancy, we work on db by db and inch by inch basis. No assumptions, no experiments, no trial and error method. With us, you will be able to visualize your sound like you visualize your building in the 3D drawing. We prepare Acoustical Work file as under.

Map describing the overall Sound Pressure Level. It displays the sum of the direct and reverberant sound energy in dB.


Map denoting the Sound Pressure Level at a particular point.

The clarity Graph. CSplit offers a way to look at the sum of direct and reverberant sound. (Similarly there are C7, C50, and C80 etc. graphs for different applications.)

ITD gap displays the difference in arrival times between first two direct sounds arrivals.

Direct to Reflected ratio in terms of dB. Ratio between the sound reaching directly and the reflected sound is shown in the graph.

It shows the number of loudspeaker of comparable intensity providing sound at a specific location.

RaSTI stands for Rapid Speech transmission index. It is alternative index to calculate intelligibility

Study of music intangibility over the entire range of sound from low vowel instrument to highest pitch electronic instrument.

After Construction

We have all the test and measuring tools to calibrate the present sound system and put it to the best of its performance when it comes after installation jobs. We can very well justify the problem with acoustic or sound system. We can hand over the perfect solution of your installed sound with all test and measuring meter in printed format. We have complete kit of microphone and mixer with JBL SMART software to make calibration. With the help of software we see the sound and take decision about solution of problem. We also provide Architectural and Interior design Services in normal. We always produce Auto cad 2d or 3d whichever is required to make the contractor or client understand in detail and to carry out the work at the site accordingly. Finally our solution is perfectly calculative based with latest software and hardware where you can be rest assured for the quality sound output before you start your work on site.

Noise Cancellation